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The drive to learn and to find comfort in any environment is what powers to create something radically different from the status quo.

  • Age . . . . . 22
  • Residence . . . . . USA/CO
  • Freelance . . . . . Available
  • Address . . . . . California, USA
My Bio.

Emmanuel Gutierrez is an entrepreneur and artist from the Medellin, Colombia, Emmanuel Gutierrez (EmmanuelGutz is the CEO and founder of WWMUSICS, as well as being a executive producer, director, engineer, writer, under the name, Emmanuel Gutz. The drive to learn and to find comfort in any environment is what powers to create something radically different from the status quo. Emmanuel's first business began with iConnect. Emmanuel Gutierrez began doing executive production in 2015 for artists primarily based in Europe and the United States. After the release of several singles, Emmanuel decided it was time to search for artists to represent his music label in order to help him expand his reach commercially. Over a three year span, a total of twenty-four artists were signed to WMM. In his work as Entertainment/Global Talent Services, Gutierrez has guided the careers and genre of some of the top Latin talent in the industry, namely Guaracha, the first Latin Genre to achieve 100 millions streaming spins on music platfoms. From an early age, Emmanuel has been intrigued by technology and how it affects the world we live in. Growing up at a time when social media presence was beginning to sharply increase in global value, Emmanuel turned to digital marketing in order to stay on top of trends, by being in tact with the interests of the general public. In 2017, Emmanuel created an online establishment titled How To Promote, which provided social media services on demand at a fixed price from the click of a button. How To Promote's mission was to automize brand enhancement for the user through simple one-click services on major social media platforms. During that time, Emmanuel also created iConnect, which helped those who had a passion for acting and modeling to get recognized online. Through personalized, directed campaigns on social media, iConnect Entertainment helped its clients attract specific brands to model. After months of growth, Emmanuel's next move was to create an organization that focused on brand development. The initial step was improving a company's image online. In 2018, Emmanuel created Skyred, which focused primarily on providing branding services through advertisement partnerships with social media platforms (primarily Twitter). Another role of Skyred was to manage the social media accounts of tech startups in North America. In late 2018, as Skyred geographical ties were limiting it from expanding, Emmanuel created WWMUSICS. (World Services) in order to quickly open to the European and Latin American markets. Although the focus of WWMUSICS is similar to that of Skyred, the company doesn't manage the social media accounts of any clients, nor do they only represent those in North America (with clients today primarily based in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa).

Fun Fact
80 Albumes Distributed
15 Awards Won
1B Network
15 Countries Visited
2020 - Present
Head of Operations

Collaborate with creative and development teams on the execution of ideas.

2017 - 2019
Head of Operations
Skyred Music.

Monitored technical aspects of the delivery for several projects.

Senior Developer
iConnect Inc.

Optimize performance using latest technology.

2018 - 2020
Programming Course

Coursework - Git, WordPress, Javascript, iOS, Android.

2018 - 2019
Web Desing

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

2014 - 2017

Airplane Pilot Course

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